NJWA VP Discusses NextGen911 and 911 Fee Diversion on NJTV News

West Long Branch, NJ (October 29, 2016)– NJWA Vice President Dominic Villecco was interviewed on an NJTV News segment titled “Jersey Matters” by award-winning journalist Larry Mendte about NextGen911 and the State diverting the revenue from the E911 Trust Fund.  New Jersey’s local/county 911 centers do not receive any funding from the $120M per year in revenue from the E911 Trust Fund.  This is not consistent with the intent of the Federal Net911 Act.

As mentioned in a previous post, Villecco, President Rob Ivanoff and other members of the Board of Trustees have been making recent strides to raise more awareness about this issue. Thanks to certain county police departments, dispatch centers and media outlets in the State, the 9-1-1 fee diversion conversation is being pushed in front of state politicians harder than ever. As we continue fighting for change, we ask you to help spread the word about our efforts and to reach out to your congressional representatives.

Watch the video here:

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If you would like more information on New Jersey 911 fee diversions and NJWA’s continued efforts, contact info@newjerseywireless.org