An Update on 9-1-1

The New Jersey Association of Counties presented an important and timely discussion concerning the infrastructure, operations, and funding for the State’s 911 system. An Update on 9-1-1 is the third in a series of virtual workshops NJAC is hosting in 2023 for public officials.

In this season, the New Jersey Wireless Association (NJWA) provided a comprehensive overview of how the State of New Jersey spends the $126.0 million it collects each year from a monthly telecommunication surcharge imposed on all telephone lines and why these monies should be dedicated to regionalizing, upgrading, and maintaining the State’s 9-1-1- system with a precise, accurate, and reliable communication network.

Guest Speakers:
Dominic Villecco, President of V-Comm Engineering and President of NJWA
Robert Ivanoff, Managing Director, Copper Hill Ventures LLC